Mensch, Monique! performs "Windtunnel Pete"


Jule finally found her tap shoes again and we thought - "why don´t we do it in a church". We asked the incredible duo "Lutz&Laune" from Berlin if they wanna join us for this tune - and they did - have a look!

The Schlosskirche Neustrelitz is a neo-gothic building from the 1850ies and a great location for exhibitions, concerts and performances. This video was made possible with the support of Sergio Zabaglione on camera and Morten Luxenburger ´s bunch of microphones and expertise in recording. Paul Eisen did the final audiomix. Thanks guys - you´re awesome. Thumbs up to our host Erik Swiatloch from the Kulturquartier Mecklenburg Strelitz and the good soul of the Schlosskirche.


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